Internet Cafe

Internet Caffe and Printing Services
computers are not available from 01.08.2019

Due to lack of demand we stopped the offer of computer use in our office. However, many are still looking for printing services in Dubrovnik, since it is necessary to print most of the bus tickets purchases online. Therefore we still offer printing services for all guests in need while their stay in Dubrovnik. Printing is possible directly from smartphones or by sending the email to our .

For your convenience, each computer is connected to a high quality laser printer, in case you need to print your travel documents, such as bus, ferry or flight tickets. We can also print from your memory stick and scan and photocopy documents. As well, we still provide the ancient service of fax.

Other ServicesPrice
B/W printing per page3 kn
Colour printing per page5 kn
Photocopying per page2 kn
Scanning per page5 kn
Laminating per page7 kn
Fax usage5 kn
Fax per page3 kn