Dubrovnik Airport Transfers

Dubrovnik Airport Transfers – How to get from/to Dubrovnik Airport

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Shuttle Bus, Taxi, Private Car, Van or Bus Transfers

Dubrovnik is a typical flight destination. Therefore, most of the tourists arriving to Dubrovnik area are coming by plane to Dubrovnik Airport DBV. The airport location is some 22 kilometers (13,5 miles) from Dubrovnik. It is located, in Konavle area, near the village Čilipi, according to which the airport got the name – Dubrovnik Čilipi Airport. Going from the airport to Dubrovnik old town or new city area, traveler has options, such as shuttle bus, taxi, or private transfer. More about Dubrovnik Airport Transfers options you can read below…

Taxi from/to Dubrovnik Airport

Compared to shuttle, taxi is more expensive as it costs approximately 300 kuna (45 euro) per vehicle. The taxies can take up to 4 passengers and their luggage. There are no bigger taxies that can take more passengers. If you travel as a family or a group look for the information on group transfers in next paragraph. Besides regular taxi, Uber also operates in Dubrovnik region. In most cases Uber is less expensive. However, be aware that in certain periods they use high demand drive, so prices often rise to two or more times. Thus, sometimes Uber can be more expensive than regular taxi. Time wise, the transfer duration from the airport to Dubrovnik is approximately 30 minutes. This applies if you don’t encounter rush hour or traffic jam.

Private car, van or bus transfers from/to Dubrovnik Airport

Private car or van transfer is also very popular among tourists going from the airport to hotels or apartments in Dubrovnik. In this case the professional driver is waiting for the travelers in front of the arrivals with passenger name sign. The price of a car transfer from Dubrovnik airport to hotel or apartment within city limits, is similar to taxi rates. For group of 5 to 7 travelers, it is recommended to book a private transfer. Private transfers with van price is lower than taking two taxies. Usually Mercedes Vito, Viano or V-call vehicles are the most comfortable and can fit all passengers luggage. For bigger groups, it is possible to book minibus (up to 19 travelers) or bus (usually 48 travelers). For more info and booking look at Travel Corner – Transfers section

Shuttle from/to Dubrovnik Airport

Less expensive option is an airport shuttle. This is a regular, reliable bus service that takes you to Pile gate next to the Old Town and Main Bus Station – located in the port of Gruž (cruise and ferry port). Dubrovnik airport shuttle costs 40 kn (6 euro) per person. The journey takes some 45 minutes. However, due to dense traffic around the historic center (mainly morning hours) traveling time can extend.

Several companies are operating shuttle from and to the airport, but the most reliable one is Atlas – one of the oldest travel agencies in Balkans. Atlas shuttle bus timetable is created according to frequency of flights arriving or departing Dubrovnik Airport. Daily operation schedule you can find on Atlas web.
If you are going from the Main Bus Station to the Airport you can buy shuttle bus tickets in Travel Corner. Going from the Old town to the airport, bare on mind that the bus is stopping above the Old Town. This bus stop is in front of the cable car station. Here you can buy tickets at Atlas travel agency.